Open House & Information Session DatesRidge and Valley Charter School will be hosting the following dates for prospective families interested in learning more about the school:


  • Wednesday,  September 20, 2023 at 8:45AM
  • Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at 8:45AM
  • Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at 8:45AM


  • Thursday, August 3, 2023 at 7:00PM
  • Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 7:00PM
  • Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 7:00PM

If you or someone you know would like to consider RVCS as an option for your child’s education, please contact Jen Ross at or call 908-362-1114 to RSVP for the event.

How Children Learn Best

Children are born with an immense potential to learn, explore, connect and grow joyfully in the region and the social context in which they live. A Ridge and Valley education is an experience of emergence, wonder, support and guidance that allows young people to grow into the fullest expression of their interests, passions and joys so they become self-directed, confident, responsible and informed adults. On this journey, children build cross-discipline skills that integrate subject matter through hands-on experiential activities that activate a wide range of sensibilities, skills and awareness.

Our school encourages children to wonder, to think, to discover and to question.

About Ridge and Valley Charter School

Local community members established Ridge and Valley Charter School to pursue innovative and personal excellence oriented teaching methods within the public school system, gaining approval of the school’s charter in 2002 and opening the school for students in the 2004-2005 academic year.

Ridge and Valley Charter School is a public K-8 school of choice that provides students an education for a hopeful sustainable future. Our educational program and curriculum honors children as individuals and emphasizes personal excellence, hands-on experiential education, self-directed and outdoor learning, project-based learning, earth literacy, bioregional studies– all in the context of our 13.7 billion-year-old Universe.

RVCS is a tuition-free public school that follows NJ state education standards and testing requirements within the context of our mission.

Want to Learn More?  Call Jen Ross @ 908-362-1114