General Policies

Tardiness: Tardiness deprives a student of a full education and disrupts the rhythm of the class. Punctuality is a responsibility of both the pupil and the parent/guardian. RVCS understands that many families come from varying distances and respects all families’ responsibility for ensuring students’ timely arrival. Families with a pattern of tardiness will be contacted.

Absence: Please call the office by 8:30 AM to inform the school if your child is going to be absent. On return to school, please send a note to the class guide stating the date and reason for each absence.

Attendance: A student may not have more than 18 absences within an academic year. RVCS attendance policy requires written notification to families of a pattern of absence and subsequent meeting(s) if the pattern continues.

All students are expected to participate in field trips and expeditionary/backpacking experiences with their class group, sometimes outside of normal school hours. Information regarding the dates and times of these events is provided to families well in advance. If a student does not have a signed permission slip, they will be unable to participate in the trip and also will not be able to come to school the day their class group is on the trip and will be considered absent.

When evaluating a charter school’s effectiveness, the state Department of Education and County Superintendent use overall school attendance as one measure of success. It is important to note that while absences have an impact on an individual student’s learning experience and classroom dynamics as a whole, absences can also have a negative effect on the evaluation of our school. Please make every effort to attend school each day and to plan vacation time during official school days off.

The State of New Jersey permits excused absences for religious holidays as prescribed by state laws/regulations, and Take Your Child To Work Day.


A handbook of Ridge and Valley Charter School policies is available in the school office for your review. Important policies include:

Integrated Pest Management policy; Rights of Persons with Handicaps or Disabilities Non-discrimination policy; Comprehensive Equity Plan; Affirmative Action Program; Use of Computers and Networks; Parental Involvement; Pupil Surveys, Analysis, and/or Evaluations; Health Education; Bilingual and ESL Education; Special Education; Adoption of Educational Materials; Curriculum Adoption, Design, and Approval; Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying; Substance Abuse; Pupil Records; Free and Reduced Rate Meals; Pupil Transportation; Student Attendance; and Pupil Accident Insurance.

Complete texts of these and other policies are available in the office:

Affirmative Action. Ridge and Valley will not discriminate regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability or socioeconomic status in any of its educational programs, activities, or employment. Inquiries regarding compliance may be directed to the school’s Affirmative Action Officer, Lisa Masi.

Integrated Pest Management. Ridge and Valley complies with standards of notification thru a certified Integrated Pest Management Officer. Inquiries may be directed to Lisa Masi.

Electronic Devices. Students may not use any personal electronic devices, including but not limited to cell phones, recording devices, cameras, electronic games, or communication or tracking devices during school hours unless authorized by a staff member.

Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco Products. The possession or sale of any illegal drugs is forbidden. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products will be treated in the same manner as illegal drugs. Parents and local authorities will be notified.