Our school encourages children to wonder, to think, to discover and to question.

They are cherished and respected and will learn to do the same with the world around them.

Ridge and Valley Charter School believes that it is possible to create a more ecologically sustainable future and that our children have a right to a planet of pure air, clean water, a vibrant natural world and a more just and equitable human community.

This vision is not only a right but a possibility. We believe it is the purpose of a democratic society to lay the foundation of such a future. The result of a Ridge and Valley Charter School education will be children who grow into adults who love the earth and who are passionate about its ability not only to survive, but to thrive. They will provide leadership that has a clear vision of the world and how to make it better.

Developing Potential

Children are born with an immense potential. Their innate curiosity and fascination with the world around them is the fundamental basis of their human search for meaning, purpose, love, satisfaction and community.

Ridge and Valley Charter School is committed to developing this immense potential. By encouraging our children’s relationships to home, family, school, town, region, nature, Earth and universe, all life becomes the context for their learning.


Developing Potential