The mission of Ridge and Valley Charter School is education for a hopeful sustainable future.

Implementing the mission

We strive to provide our children with a broad educational context. We present the world around them as their classroom, including their home, their town, their bioregion, their country, Planet Earth, and the Universe.

Our integrated curriculum is based on the most recently understood scientific story of the Universe and Earth. Experiences in the natural world inspire us all to question, to reflect, and to think creatively, as well as to understand life in new ways. Together we discover how to be citizens of the world and to honor the responsibility that comes with being a member of the community of life.

We promote values of respect, reverence, gratitude, and care for Earth and all living beings. We promote sustainable practices that allow us to resolve differences and share common goals. We all work together to provide space for each child to discover the unique special person they are.

Ridge and Valley Charter School provides a caring place where children, parents, faculty, staff, and neighbors come together to create a nurturing learning community. A Ridge and Valley Charter School experience offers our young people a sense of belonging to the larger whole, an education that meets high standards and offers creative ways to participate in our communities and world.