Genesis Farm Ecological Learning Center and Community Supported Garden

Late in 1999, a small group of people associated through the Ecological Learning Center and the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm joined together to envision a public school based on ecological literacy and sustainability. RVCS continues to be inspired by the work of these valued neighbors and collaborates with them on a variety of ongoing projects.

Genesis Farm is located in Blairstown, New Jersey on 226 acres of preserved farmland. Genesis Farm is an ecological center founded in 1980 as a project of the Dominican Sisters of Caldwell, New Jersey to deepen their commitment to education to help shape a more hopeful future and to place this land into permanent conservation.

Thomas Berry, who visited and lectured at Genesis Farm on numerous occasions, provided the intellectual and spiritual framework for Genesis Farm’s work. Miriam MacGillis, OP, has served as the director since its founding. Genesis Farm is dedicated to understanding the Universe and Earth as a single, unfolding process. The scientifically-based story of the Universe offers profound insights into our public, personal and spiritual lives.

Through its educational programs and its commitment to action, Genesis Farm offers diverse and innovative experiences that inspire a comprehensive approach to personal and social change.

Since 1988, the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm has provided an opportunity for a community of people to take responsibility for supporting a farm. While sharing the abundance and the costs of cultivating food in a healthy way, the Garden also increases the fertility of the soil and enhances the quality of relationships to the land and to each other.