Ridge and Valley Charter School operates on a committee system within our model of consensus-based, collaborative governance. Much of the work of the school is proposed and prepared by committees, shared, reviewed, approved, or revised at monthly trustee meetings, and activated and reviewed by committee members.

Committees appreciate and welcome new members, all of whom work closely with trustees and other members of the school community in crucial support of the development, maintenance, and activities of the school. Some committees request a yearlong membership commitment; some committees require a commitment to confidentiality. The constitution of some committees is limited; others welcome all who are interested in joining. Committee meeting times and locations are announced in the school newsletter. Additional committees may be proposed at public trustee meetings.

Please contact the point person to volunteer for a committee or for additional information. The point person is responsible for regular reports at trustee meetings on the activities of the committee, which may be shared in person, in writing, or by email in advance of a monthly public meeting (3rd Thursday).

Current committees, general goals, and contact people are:




Supports active, positive, information sharing within the school community and for the public.Contact: Dave McNulty (201) 400-3489 //

Community Education:

Develops and coordinates community-wide events to promote understanding of the school’s mission: education for a hopeful sustainable future.Contact: Kerry Barnett (908) 645-3291 //


Monitors, maintains, and develops the school’s current and projected facility and infrastructure needs in support of the RVCS mission in collaboration with the Land Care committee and the community; in accordance with RVCS policies on local, sustainable, and anti-racist purchasing; and in compliance with public school financial requirements.Contact: Robin Balles, Infrastructure Coordinator (908) 362-1114 //


Maintains, monitors, and plans for the school’s current and projected financial needs.Contact: Theresa Radline, Business Coordinator (908) 362-1114 //  

Land Care:

Provides and models collaborative stewardship of the land hosting Ridge and Valley Charter School.Contact: Robin Balles, Infrastructure Coordinator (908) 362-1114 //



Builds meaningful relationships among the RVCS community to enhance the educational experience of RVCS students, offers support for the guides and school, and provides support for families in the community.Contact: Cindy Terranova (718) 966-6783 //

Trustee Recruitment:

Seeks volunteer RVCS trustees to support the evolution of education for a hopeful sustainable future and contribute to the school’s ongoing projects.Contact: Kerry Barnett (908) 645-3291 //