Learning Circles

Ridge and Valley Learning Circles, Inc. is a New Jersey-based non-profit organization that promotes respect for the dynamics that shape our Earth and Universe through education, joyful exploration and community action.

We believe that every human culture has developed a “story” that guides its peoples’ hopes, dreams, possibilities and problem-solving strategies. Many cultures have adopted stories that are, in one way or another, not conducive to long-term planetary success.

Ridge and Valley Learning Circles partners with groups and individuals to create a new, constructive and sustainable story. We seek opportunities to promote a hopeful vision for humans as responsible and creative stewards of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Ridge & Valley Learning Circles’ areas of foci are Ridge & Valley Charter School and the Community. We work to extend our ecologically-based education mission to our Warren County community, our bioregion and beyond. Outdoor experiences, community action, and creative arts propel and motivate this vision.