Staff & Community

Ridge and Valley Charter School is comprised of a dynamic and diverse group of people. We are active in connecting to our bioregion and community.

In working together to manifest our vision for our children and families, for our professional staff and organization leaders, and for the school community as a whole, we are committed to cultivating relationships that are rooted in:


We conduct ourselves and communicate with kindness and respect for all students, staff, parents/guardians, school leadership, and the community of life.


We assume responsibility for our choice of thoughts, emotions, attitudes, actions, educational and organizational decisions.


We are honest with ourselves and others throughout the school community, seeking greater understanding of the needs of others.


We think and act with humility so that we may be open to continuous learning in service to our students, families, and professional associates.

Equality and Fairness.

We treat others as we wish to be treated, fairly and equitably, regardless of their behavior, or their ethnic, economic, racial, sexual, or religious orientations.


We strive to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and the natural world around us through the practice of acceptance, empathy, and forgiveness.

Open Communication.

We address our feelings, needs, and ideas directly to those empowered to improve our lives, the lives and learning of students, and the well-being of others throughout the school community. We avoid the temptation of gossip and hurtful innuendo.

Enthusiasm and Positive Attitude.

We focus joyfully on what is positive in others, in our school community and the community at large. We work to develop our potential for doing better. We look toward new ideas for improving the quality of life for the benefit of all.