Enrollment in Ridge and Valley Charter School is open, on a space available basis, to children in grades K-8 who reside in the state of New Jersey. Enrollment priority is given to siblings of currently enrolled students. Preference is next given to those applicants from the region of residence (Blairstown, Frelinghuysen, Hardwick, and Knowlton). Non-residents shall be offered admission when there are no resident applicants for the spaces available. 

We are currently accepting applications. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the school year, with monthly lotteries being held if there are more applications received than there are spaces available. The monthly application deadline is the last day of every month, with lotteries being held at each monthly public Trustee meeting. Waiting lists are kept for those from whom a space is not available. All applications will be processed according to the established enrollment procedures described above.

Applications are available on the RVCS website and, once submitted, are valid for one school year only. Applications for the following school year are available on October 1 of the current year. In order to maintain an active application, please submit one for each school year.  For more information about enrollment, please contact the office at (908) 362-1114 or email office@ridgeandvalley.org.