Enrollment in Ridge and Valley Charter School is open to all children K-8th who are residents of the state of New Jersey on a space available basis. Preference is given, however, to those from the region of residence; the school districts of Blairstown, Frelinghuysen, Hardwick, Knowlton, and North Warren Regional Middle School.

We accept applications continuously and maintain on-going waiting lists for those age levels that are currently filled to capacity. Some spaces are currently available so we encourage anyone with an interest in our school to submit an application.

If more applications are received than there are spaces available, a lottery is held. Students will be placed on a waiting list if the age group they are applying for is full, however we know from past experience and the experience of other charter schools that enrollment changes occur, and that students on the waiting list are often offered placements. The monthly application deadline is currently the last day of every month

We are currently accepting applications for both the current and next academic years. All applications for the current year will be processed according to the established enrollment procedures described above, including the waiting list protocols.

Applications are valid for one school year only, so to maintain an active application, please submit one for each year.

Please contact the office at 908-362-1114 or via email office@ridgeandvalley.org, if you would like applications emailed to you.