Student led conferences

Student led conferences

Our annual student-led conferences are one of the many things that make Ridge and Valley Charter School unique.

Student-led conferences are meetings with students, parents, and guides, during which a student shares work and discusses his/her progress. The intention is for the student to lead the meeting from start to finish. Student involvement in a conference makes learning active, provides opportunities for students to evaluate their own performance, and encourages studentsto take responsibility for their learning. Having students take charge of the conference makes them more accountable for what they are learning.

Prior to conferences, the students, with guide support, collect work that reflects what they have learned. Students then evaluate their work and, as they conduct their conference, explain skills they have learned and share goals they have set for themselves. While a guide may serve as the conference facilitator, the student will lead the conference.

Student-led conferences offer the opportunity for students to play an important part in their own educational process. This approach fits beautifully with the holistic, student-centered focus of our mission that recognizes children are capable and responsible. We have chosen to use this format because of the many benefits to the students, including:

  • Having greater accountability for their learning;
  • Learning to think about and evaluate their own progress;
  • Gaining a greater commitment to school work and learning;
  • Building self confidence and self esteem;
  • Encouraging student/parent communication;
  • Building communication and critical thinking skills;
  • Placing greater responsibility on the student;
  • Allowing students to become more actively involved.

Families benefit from this format as well as it:

  • Helps families learn more about their child’s learning and skills;
  • Offers an opportunity for families to help their child set positive goals;
  • Encourages active family participation in their child’s learning.

Conferences are a wonderful opportunity for families to see, hear and experience their child’s learning and progress.