From a young age students at Ridge and Valley Charter School develop a love of reading.  There is a strong focus on becoming confident readers and writers.  In a recent unit kindergarten students have been excited to use their reading “super powers” to help develop their reading skills.

Ridge & Valley’s Reading and Writing Model Inspired by Columbia University

At Ridge and Valley Charter School, a Reading and Writing Workshop model inspired by Columbia University‘s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is used. There is a focus on developing students’ reading, writing and speaking skills within their own areas of interest.  Doing so in the context of real and practical applications of those skills allows the learner to see the difference that their efforts can make.  Instruction is embedded in content, topics and books chosen by the students and is differentiated based on their abilities.  This model helps Ridge and Valley Charter School students develop a deep rooted strength in reading and writing that serves them well in high school and beyond.