Lunch & Snack

To reduce waste and promote ecological awareness children bring their lunches in reusable carriers and “pack out” any waste. Exceptions include compostable items such as fruit and vegetable scraps, which can be added to the school compost. The active outdoor nature of our program means that snack and lunch foods should be thought of as fuel to sustain children’s energy. Sugar based foods like cookies, candy or other sugary sweets, leave students feeling tense and tired. Whole foods such as whole grain breads and cereals, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and water are recommended in order to provide students energy for the entire day. Students need a refillable water bottle everyday. Water is the drink of choice at RVCS so please leave the juice and sports drink at home. Please include ice packs in your child’s lunch container if you are including food items that need to be kept cold. Also, students are unable to heat up lunch items so please send hot food in thermos containers. Each class will have an individual time during the day for snack. Lunch will be provided to any student qualifying for free or reduced-price lunch.

If there are any allergy concerns in your child’s class group and/or team, you will receive notification from the Guide/Team.