“There is no bad weather, only bad clothing!” – Evonn Berube-Reiersen, Founding Trustee

Clothing & Gear Guidelines & Expectations:

Being properly dressed for both indoor and outdoor activities enables each student and team to have the freedom and confidence to explore together. Clothing worn at RVCS must be safe for ALL school activities and conducive to both indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year. Something as simple as one student forgetting hiking boots can sidetrack a group’s experience for the entire day. The success of our curriculum relies on the attention and cooperation of families, students, volunteers, and staff. 

All required gear, in addition to a complete change of seasonally appropriate clothing, must be on site at school every day to support both planned and emergent learning experiences. 

A primary or base layer of clothing that conforms to the following requirements must be worn daily to increase the safety of both students and guides: 

  • Pants, leggings, or shorts must be worn each day as a primary or base layer. Pants that come to the ankles are strongly recommended. Anything shorter must cover at least halfway to the knee;
  • Primary or base layer shirts with sleeves that cover the shoulders are strongly suggested. Sleeveless shirts must have durable straps;
  • Primary or base layer clothing must cover the torso;
  • Only closed-toe footwear with no more than a 1.5″ heel are permitted and must either enclose the foot completely or have a sturdy, snug/well-fitting back strap;
  • Hats and other headwear, including hoods, must allow the face to be visible. Hoods must be down when indoors;
  • Clothing depicting or advocating, via words or images, violence, the use of illegal substances, pornography, profanity, or hate speech is prohibited.

All determinations regarding safe and appropriate gear will be made by RVCS staff.


2022-2023 RVCS Required Clothing & Gear List