Working with Trustees & Committees

Students and families are always welcome to join the public trustee meetings held in the Community Room at 6 pm on the third Thursday of the month. A designated time for Public Comment appears early in the agenda at each meeting. Public Comment is always welcome.

Topics for the agenda are circulated via RVCS News email the week before the public meeting. Approved minutes of public trustee meetings are posted on the Ridge and Valley website. Minutes are generally approved at the subsequent month’s meeting.

Ridge and Valley Charter School operates on a committee system within our model of consensus-based, collaborative governance. Much of the work of the school is proposed and prepared by committees, shared, reviewed, approved, or revised at monthly trustee meetings, and activated and reviewed by committee members.

Committees appreciate and welcome new members, all of whom work closely with trustees and other members of the school community in crucial support of the development, maintenance, and activities of the school. Some committees request a yearlong membership commitment; some committees require a commitment to confidentiality. The constitution of some committees is limited; others welcome all who are interested in joining. Committee meeting times and locations are announced in the school newsletter. Additional committees may be proposed at public trustee meetings.

Please contact the point person to volunteer for a committee or for additional information. The point person is responsible for regular reports at trustee meetings on the activities of the committee, which may be shared in person, in writing, or by email in advance of a monthly public meeting (3rd Thursday).

Current committees, general goals, and contact people are:


Supports active, positive, information sharing within the school community and in the larger community about the school.
Contact: Dave McNulty (201) 400-3489 // dmcnulty@dscape.com


Recommends, and approves compensation which supports the school’s core mission and values.
Contact: Cindy Calvano (718) 966-6783 // rvcscindy@gmail.com

Ecozoic Community Education:

Develops and coordinates at least three community-wide events to promote understanding of important aspects of the school’s mission: education for a hopeful sustainable future.
Contact: Kerry Barnett (908) 645-3291 // Kerry.barnett.direct@gmail.com


Supports full enrollment and waiting lists through information, recruitment, and special events.
Contact: Lisa Masi (908) 362-1114 // lisa.masi@ridgeandvalley.org

Emergency Preparedness:

Ensure school’s Emergency Preparedness Plan is comprehensive and current.
Contact: Theresa Radline (908) 362-1114 // theresa.radline@ridgeandvalley.org


Maintain, monitor, and develop the school’s current and projected facility and infrastructure needs.
Contact: Jenn Gurdak (908) 319-4990 // jlgurdak@gmail.com


Maintain, monitor, and develop the school’s current and projected financial needs.
Contact: Steve Andrasek (973) 903-8417 // steve@hardwickgroup.com


Identify and connect with organizations and individuals, within and outside the school community, who can bring the skills needed to further the mission of RVCS.
Contact: Jessi Sohl (973) 906-6572 // mybluedaisies@comcast.net


Explore feasibility of expanding RVCS to 12th grade.
Contact: Andy Marancik (973) 948-2865

Land Care:

Maintain, monitor, and develop the school’s property.
Contact: Lisa Masi (908) 362-1114 // lisa.masi@ridgeandvalley.org
Julie Budzinski-Flores (908) 400-7243 // juliervcs@gmail.com


Maintain, monitor, and develop the school’s Technology Plan and implementation.
Contact: Theresa Radline (908) 362-1114 // theresa.radline@ridgeandvalley.org


Build meaningful relationships between parents, guides, staff and Trustees, enhance the educational experience of RVCS students, provide support for the guides and the school as a whole, provide support for families in our school community.
Contact: Jessi Sohl (973) 906-6572 // mybluedaisies@comcast.net

Trustee Recruitment:

Helps to seek prospective trustees to assist with the school’s ongoing projects.
Contact: Kerry Barnett (908) 645-3291 // Kerry.barnett.direct@gmail.com