Contributing to RVCS

In addition to donating time and effort, RVCS families also contribute important support in other ways. Like all schools, RVCS is obliged to raise additional funds to support programs, development, and activities. We try to focus our active fundraising efforts to a limited number of direct appeals to families and goal-directed, targeted campaigns, limiting the participation of children in soliciting funds or selling items and adhering to the school’s commercial-free school policy. You can support these efforts by donating at any time online at RidgeandValley.org “Donate Now” and by responding to the Annual Appeal. Your contribution is sincerely appreciated and is fully tax-deductible.

In addition to active fundraising, RVCS families have organized several simple and helpful ways to contribute to the school through your daily activities:

Corporate matching programs: Many employers offer a matching program in which individuals’ donations are matched by the company. Please be sure to check your employers to see if this is available.

Goodsearch.com: Go to the site to sign up to use Yahoo!Search and benefit RVCS with every search.

Ridge and Valley Learning Circles

Ridge and Valley Learning Circles, Inc. which hosts the annual appeal, is a privately incorporated 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that works to support the mission of RVCS. You may also contribute online at RVLearning Circles.org. For more information or to work with RVLC, please contact David McNulty (908) 362-7638.