Leadership Team

Shared leadership, as practiced in many public district and charter schools, private schools, and schools abroad, empowers educators to take active roles in the decision-making and administration of their school in addition to and in support of guiding children.

Leadership Team members hold responsibility for coordinating areas as follows:

  • Administrative Coordinator:
    • facility
    • finance
    • enrollment
    • administrative management
  • Integration Guide:
    • team collaboration in review of projects, units, lesson plans, and field trips
    • development of resources
    • coordination of calendar including conferences, assemblies, Celebrations of Learning, seasonal celebrations, staff meetings
    • communication support
  • Curriculum Coordinator:
    • articulation and implementation of the school mission in the educational program
    • professional development
    • mentoring
    • certification, and highly qualified teacher coordination
    • Intervention and Referral Services for students and their families